About Us

The Crook Family, Owners of Mountain View Machine and Welding, Inc, Logan Utah

Jason Crook, owner of Mountain View Machine & Welding, Inc, began as a journeyman machinist working in the U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, and Thiokol. He had been a machinist and a shop foreman, but knew he could better serve his community if he had a business using his knowledge and experience.

It all started in a small garage with only two machines back in the 1980’s. Today, along with Jason’s wife Tricia and their 9 children, they have expanded their in-house capabilities and they control most of their own processes. “As a family, everyone has been involved in one way or another. It’s our objective to make our machining and welding business streamlined and instrumental in serving those around us. By growing Mountain View Machine into the company it is today, the community is now a huge part of our family,”Jason said.

It’s clear our company’s diversified customer base and the fact no one customer dominates their business helped them grow into what they are today. They have also created products of their own, one of which is the Pack-Rifle. This is a light weight, take-down, utility rifle. This design and construction has made the Pack-Rifle not only the lightest rifle out there, but also very weather resistant and the fastest take-down rifle available. For more information, look online at www.packrifle.com

“We are always looking to take our business to the next level,” Jason continued. “It’s really business as usual for us. We make great products, have the best machine tool technology, and take great care of our customers. That is what Mountain View Machine is all about.”